55+ RIO Mortgage Launches...

Take a look at our Residential Mortgage range, compare the 55+ Mortgage and our new 55+ RIO and see how they could work for your later life clients....

Retirement Mortgage

A hybrid lifetime mortgage that combines the features of a standard mortgage and equity release, with a roll up option.

Residential Mortgages

Interest only mortgages for over 55’s, with a choice of fixed term or no end date.

Equity Release

Equity release provides a means for those in, or close to, retirement to release cash from their homes.


Offers a guaranteed income in retirement. Available under the Open Market Option.

From the Hodge Hub

Visit the Hub for a wealth of insight that will engage and support you in growing your later life proposition. Find out more about Hodge Lifetime, our product range and how we can help you in this flourishing market.

Product Journey

Changing Client Needs Over Time

Living for 20+ years beyond typical working age means needs are going to change. Retirement is typically viewed as a single monolithic event, but in reality it’s several stages, and for many retirees each phase …


Later Life Affordability Assessments: Key Questions

When discussing lending needs with a client it’s essential to consider their financial situation both now, and over the term of the mortgage. As a responsible lender, we encourage all advisers and clients to plan …

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