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Case Study


Case Study: Portfolio Buy-To-Let


PBTL LTD has been a business for 10 years and the directors are professional landlords with a growing portfolio. They started with one buy-to-let property and have been using their profits and growing equity to …


Case Study


Case Study: 50+ Mortgage


Len and Angela have 7 years left on their interest only mortgage. It was originally designed to be repaid before Len retires. The plan at this point was to downsize and move back to the …


Case Study
Holiday Let


Case Study: Holiday Let


David and Sarah would like to purchase a holiday let property. The property they hope to buy is a three-bedroom detached house overlooking a picturesque coastline in Cornwall. It’s an area they often enjoy holidaying …


Equity Release


Case Study: Equity Release


Sid and Peggy have two years left on their current repayment mortgage. They’ve lived in their home for over 20 years and during this time have seen its value increase and their equity grow substantially.

Sid …


Case Study


Case Study: Retirement Interest-only (RIO)


John and Karen’s 25-year interest only mortgage is due to mature. It was taken out in 1994 with an endowment policy as a repayment vehicle.

However, due to underperformance, they surrendered the policy in the late …

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