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Size Of Opportunity

Serving Interest Only Borrowers

According to CML Economics, there were just over 1.5m pure interest only mortgages outstanding as at the end of 2016 and an estimated 1.35m at the end of 2017. Whilst the total is dropping around …

Size Of Opportunity

Drivers of Later Life Lending Demand

Here’s our view of the top 7 factors driving the growth of later life lending. Increased life expectancy We are living longer. In the UK, the average life expectancy of those born in 2013 is over 90 …

Product Journey

Segmenting Later Life Borrowers

Hodge Lifetime mortgages are specifically designed to meet a range of client needs. When discussing with your clients, there are some fundamentals that can help you navigate our product range. Using affordability and attitude to risk …

Product Journey

Identifying the Needs of Later Life Borrowers

Many of us go through life with aspirations and expectations as to what we’re working towards. For some it’s financial independence as soon as possible, for others could be having a rich and fulfilled life. …

Product Journey

Changing Client Needs Over Time

Living for 20+ years beyond typical working age means needs are going to change. Retirement is typically viewed as a single monolithic event, but in reality it’s several stages, and for many retirees each phase …


Quick Guide to Affordability

We assess affordability on the basis of disposable income. As a responsible lender, we consider a client's affordability over the lifetime of the mortgage, not just at inception like most high street lenders. This ensures …


Pension Freedoms – Impact on Affordability?

Pension freedoms give retirees much more choice around how they draw their pensions. Potentially, choosing to drawdown the whole of their pension in one go or in several large chunks, instead of taking regular monthly …


Hodge Lifetime 55+ Mortgage available in Scotland from September

Hodge, the later life Lending specialist has today announced it's 55+ interest only residential mortgage will be available in Scotland from 4th September. The mortgage, available to customers age 55-95 has a maximum LTV of 60% …

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